Hi - im 25 ... about 2 or 3 months ago my lymph nodes swelled up
on a thursday... so that evening I decided to start taking penecillin
we had picked up from mexico... walla, it was gone by sunday morning,
which was nice because I had a pool party. I read not to take
penn w. drinking... so I did not.

By that night time... they were super sore and swolle again... i waited
until about 3am than began the medicine again. within mid-day the next
day the swelling was gone but i continued the med's for the rest of the
week... drank that following sunday, nothing.

now a month or two later (this week) with no problems, i get back from my lake trip
(lots of drinking) and while it was not immediate the next day my lymph nodes
were sore again.

so... insead of taking pennecillin... i made a big cup of vitamin C "instant vitamin"
c water... WHAM... hour later swelling was gone. (Actually I did a instant "fruit based vitamin drink)
but i would bet it has plenty of vitamin C ... and it seemed to fix the problem.)

I wake up this morning and take another one and no problems... now here I am
in the evening and the bloody nodes are swollen again. So wtf do I do?

Keep drinking these vitamin waters 2x a day? Will this give me kidney stones?
whats wrong with me?

I feel absolutely GREAT besides these stupid things being swollen...
at first I thought i was from smoking or not sleeping enough but this week
i've not drank / smoked and have been getting 9+ hours of sleep each night.

what gives?

I guess I should see a doctor but i was hoping to figure it out on my own,
as i feel fine, minus the damn swelling in my lyph nodes!

thanks everyone!