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Has anyone who had a facelift had a Lymphatic massage that helped? Need to know before I go again.It seems to have made the swelling from the wing area near my ears and cheek move to another area? The jowls and upper neck.  Now I am more rounded and swollen then before I did it. Getting sick from this experience. Had it 8 weeks ago.




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Hello, alison.

A female friend of mine had Lymphatic massage last year, just a 3 weeks after her face-lift. She said that it was very helpful. It helped fluids drain into lymphatic system. 

At the beginning, she was afraid to go on massage, but as swollenness increased, initially she went at it.  

Her plastic surgery told her that, unless you are strongly skilled, don't try to give yourself self-massage.

But, there are possibility that lymphatic massage cause some contraindication due to the fact that massage around the area of lymphatic system can cause some medical condition to become worse. So, you should consult your doctor before going on second treatment about any negative side effects.