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I'm 27 years old. Since July 2006 I've experienced frequent nausea, accompanied by various gastrointestinal-type problems (i.e.: experiencing anywhere from constipation to *almost* diarrhea, mucus in the stool, frequent movements, abdominal pain associated with movements on occasion, changes in size, shape, color, consistency...??)

The nausea comes on almost every morning.. sometimes very early, waking me halfway through a normal sleep cycle. I use a certain herb in particular to cope with it - and it's the ONLY thing that has helped, aside from very strong (and very expensive) rx narcotics. (Too strong and too pricey for me, thx.)

I go through cycles with it. Sometimes I find it very difficult to eat for a couple, three weeks at a time, and I'll lose some weight, 5-10 pounds. Then all of a sudden my appetite bounces back, and I stabilize around 110lbs. Mind you, I initially lost 45lbs due to this, going from 145 to 100! And in only about 10-12 weeks' time.

I had blood tests and urine tests and ultrasounds and CAT scans or whatever. They found a bunch of gallstones in the ol' gallbladder so they decided its' removal was the answer.
That was in June of 2007.

My last Doctor kept coming back to three possibilities:

Colon Cancer
Crohn's Disease

Anybody have any ideas on this?


Your last doctor is correct. You need to have a colonoscopy done as soon as possible to rule out colon cancer. You can worry about the other 2 possibilities later.