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My daughter is 17 weeks.  She's been on methadone for the past 3 weeks.  I've heard a drug supoxine has an easier withdraw.  Wouldn't this be better for someone who is pregnant.  She was in jail and they put her back on the street without any place to go.  She went to a hospital the next morning but waited 10 hrs  and still hadn't seen a Dr. so she went to the street and bought some methadone.  My question would be did that hurt the baby, I know she was in alot of pain.




I think the drug you are referring to is suboxone or subutex? Prior to her getting pregnant or in jail, was she in active addiction, like was she using drugs everyday? Getting off all drugs is always best, but she would need to get off what ever she is using and stay off, which more often then not, becomes the problem. So alot of pregnant addicted women turn to methadone clinics to stay on so they do not go out using heroin or god knows what. I do not know you current circumstances or what brought your daughter to her present situation, but no matter how or why she is where she is right now..she has a baby to worry about and needs help as quickly as she can get. The suboxone is a good alternative, but the use during pregnancy is not very clear yet, so I may be a bit hesitant. The best bet is to talk or take her to her or your doc and tell them everything, and see what type of help they can offer her. I don't know what state you are in, but some states have a info line like 211 or something that can point you in a direction for help. I really do hope she gets the appropriate help and soon!!! I wish you well!!