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I have received literature on this new product and was wondering if anyone had tried it and what where there results. If you have lost weight on this product please let me know. I am interested in ordering some, but only if it works. Thanks.


Since people are different there is always possibility that something what it works for your friend is not going to work for you. So even if your best friend comes to you with a story how this product helped her to lose some weight that doesn’t mean that you are going to have the same success.


Are you overweight or you just want to lose few pounds? I am sure that you are aware that there are much healthier ways to lose some weight and not to take diet pills. But even if you decide to take pineapple diet pills you need to get rid of some bad habits so that this pills can actually work. For example you can’t eat every day junk food and believe that the pineapple pills are still going to work.  So before you start with anything try to get rid of the bad habits and maybe you discover that you don’t need any kind of pills to lose some weight and be healthy and happy.