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At the beginning of the year I was told I had polycystic ovary syndrome but was told it was borderline so would not affect me having children.

My last period was on June 12th and over the past 8 weeks I have been feeling like I am pregnant and been showing signs and symptoms.

I have had headaches, weird cravings, lower back pain, what feels like period pain for the past 2 weeks, brownish discharge for one day and since then a creamy discharge every day, breast tenderness, my trousers have become more loose around the legs but uncomfortable around the stomach, sickness and recently have become more sick whilst driving and I have never had travel sickness before.

Now I have had missed periods before but nothing like this. I have done 5 tests over the past 8 weeks and they have all come up negative.

I have been pregnant once before and this feels exactly the same. I also keep getting what feels like butterflies for no reason at all, not nervous or stressed.

Even when I have missed a period or two before I have always had my period on the 12th when I have had one. I always have period pain one week before and then I have my period without fail after that point.

I have had period pain for 2 weeks now, not painfull but I know it is there but yet still no sign of a period.

Can anyone suggest any advice on this? The signs are there I just don't understand why the tests say negative.

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Hi Emma, I don't know if this is a double post but I'll tell you the same thing I said on your other thread--get a blood test from your doctor instead of doing a home pregnancy test. They are not very reliable if you have PCOS! Can you let us know how it turns out?