Hi I am a 23 year old female on valentines I went on a double date we went to the movies and I had about 1cup of coke with cherry vodka not much I was fine not drunk or even tipsy then about 3hrs later I had a pina colada with dinner then we went to a dance club and my stomach felt weird this is about 1hr after the pina colada I felt like maybe I was going to throw up but not intense enough to actually throw up I tried consuming another drink but I couldn't I ended up throwing it away after a couple of sips I thought that was the weirdest thing I've had drinks before a lot more than that and felt fine no hangover at all the next day but that night my stomach felt weird and then most of the next day I felt like throwing up and I didn't know why I don't drink often eather but I do have some alcohol tolerance anyway my boyfriend said that maybe it was the food maybe it didn't sit well so we went with that and last night I had exactly 2 glasses of red wine I felt a little tipsy but nothing extreme anyway I wake up this morning with the same feeling in my stomach as the other night and now I'm pretty sure its the alcohol causing this and I dont know why.