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I am trying to lose weight fast..from now to June I need to lose about 40-50 pounds. Anyway, I am currently taking GNC's brand of no-explode supplement. But I also want to take hydroxycut to speed up the process of dropping weight. Is that a bad idea to mix those two? By the way I am a 20 year old female. I know sometimes that makes a difference in what u use. Also is taking no explode bad for me because I am a female and it does have creatine in it? thank you for whoever reads and replys to this post. thanks


Hello there.

I shall reply, but I cannot give you any specific help.

I am in the process of losing weight myself. I plan to be looking sharp for when I go back to university in September. I am taking a year out you see.

Currently weigh around 282, and will probably look well "cut" at 240 (5'11 frame), but perhaps more - I am only interested in body composition. However, I have ballooned in the past and have an extreme body type which allows me to pack on muscle easily, and even add it whilst losing weight. Of course, the diet has to be spot on. Not in the sense that I am counting grams of this and that religiously, but in the sense that I use food, be it fat, Carb or protein for what it is meant for. I do not body build, but enjoy small time power lifting and working with weights for a quick endorphin rush, though I must concentrate much of my time on cardio at the minute.

I find that in order to achieve the body that I want, I have to work in cycles. That may mean cardio (and eating for it) one day, and heavy lifting (and eating for it) the next.

So, my diet is good, but all over the place.

I have been meaning to buy in a multi-vitamin, but for now simply take Vitamin C and E. I take whey with a slow release formula which is perfect for me - saves me nibbling around on protein around the day to keep my metabolism up. Though, this is still a habit of mine – a good one I think. I do not concentrate on meals. I simply keep the food coming in small instalments throughout the day.

When I reach my target, the precise weight being difficult to say, I will take creatine monohydrate for my lifting. I have always had natural strength and mass, so if I keep the routine of lifting up when I am officially back studying that should stand me in good stead for the Rugby that I occasionally play on my University’s team (I am in the UK).

Another thing that I use to boost metabolism is caffeine, and many including myself believe in ice baths or even cold baths to help the body burn fat. This also helps my recovery for when I finish a hard deadlift session, say. Some say they are bad for the heart. Well, only if you dive in after never having had one before. I personally go into the water cold and then add ice. If I get too numb, I am out of there.

I have already lost quite a bit and will reach my target weight before September, though it will no doubt get tougher as the pounds of fat come off.

I have done enough research when it comes to meds for myself, and would not relish the unpredictability involved with these new top of the range supplements, whatever they are.

I can lose weight quickly and look a way that pleases me. However, I am sure if I rushed it I would not look so good, despite losing fat.


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