I had a traditional morton's neroma surgery 1 month ago with complications of swelling, stich left in, pain radiating to my 4th toe when I put any pressure on the ball of my foot and difficulty with the incision healing. The stitch (that was left in accidently) worked it's way out like a splinter and the wound began to heal. I went to a great physical therapist that knows about nerve sensitivity. I am currently on a regimen that seems to be working great. It's called desensitation and do it 3-4 times a day.

1. massage foot including wound, calf (toward hear)t and inside of ankle for 1/2 hour

2. moist heat to foot for 20 minutes

3. moist heat to calf for 20 mnutes.

4. Rhus tox C200 homeopathic tabs for pain

5. Quercetin with Bromelain 2 tas per day on an empty stomach

6. Hypericum: Excellent remedy for injuries to nerves (pain along nerve course) or body parts which are richly supplied with nerves (for example, crushed, mashed finger tips or toes, or spinal concussion), and sensitive injured parts with sharp and shooting pains. Hypericum is also good for old injuries to nerves which still seem to bother the person. Haven't tried this, but it might help.