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My boyfriend and i have been together for a year and a half now, he is amazing and i love him so much, but there is just ONE problem, he has stoped having sex with me. For the first year of our relationship it was great, our sex life was normal and he was always being frisky with me. And for the last few months everything has stopped, no tounge when we kiss anymore, he doesnt have the friskyness that he used to ... and we no longer have sex. When I try and ask him why he REFUSES to tell me or even talk to me about it, when i ask him if he is attracted to me he says yea, and i ask him if he still wants to be with me he says yes ... so im soo lost and confused on what to do because he refuses to tell me the problem. He still accepts me touching or going down on him but that is it, i get Nothing in return. What am i supposed to do??? HELP!


Well that certainly does not sound like a healthy relationship. I think you should try sitting down with him and telling him exactly how you feel about this issue, and if he still refuses to give you an answer then I think it is time that you moved on from this relationship as it is not fair to you at all.

Hope this was helpful.