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If you have ever read any of the Hyperion series of books by Dan Simmons, you may recall a creature called the "Shrike". The definition of the Shrike from wikipedia says it all - "The Shrike stands roughly three meters in height and is described as being composed of razorwire, thorns, blades, and cutting edges, having fingers like scalpels and long, curved toe blades. It is basically a gigantic, bladed killing machine."

Well, I ejected one of these creatures this morning. It felt like it sounds is would feel, like a 9 foot tall razor bladed monster coming out of where the sun doesn't shine. The event happened with little or no warning. One minute I was napping comfortably in my 5AM sitz bath, next thing i knew, BAM, it was time to move to the toilet.

The pain was indescribable. Something like a roll of razor wire being pulled out of my body. I came close to passing out from the pain. A couple of small bloody objects came out, no stool. I jumped back into the sitz bath and passed back out for about 30 minutes. I then woke back up with the urge again. This time the pain was much worst, and my body took over and pushed as hard as humanly possible. Finally a couple of good size stools appeared, this time without the blood. I was SO afraid that the hard uncontrollable pushing may have done something to my body that would require another surgery. Crawled back into the sitz bath and soaked for another hour, which appears to be the one and only way to get any semblance of relief from the excruciating pain. After soaking in the sitz bath for an hour or so, I crawled into the shower and did my best to rinse myself off.

The night before I was starting to get worried that I had not had a BM yet. I ingested about 8 tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia and dank tw glasses of prune juice. Looks like it took at least 14 hours for whichover one worked to take care of business.

So it is back to wearing a diaper since I am spotting. I couldn't does myself again on the lortab again since it contains acetaminophen, which will destroy the liver if you overdose on it, so I took 400MG of ibuprofen. The strong urge to urinate with no results came back. I managed to creep my way back downstairs and straight to bed, and slept (passed out) for several hours. The only way to avoid waves of hot burning pain has been to impersonate a zombie and not move, at all.

It's not all bad news. I just woke back up and the unbearable pain has pretty much disappeared. Perhaps the ibuprofen helped, or just being still for several hours afterwords helped. Regardless, the pain level have migrated back down to a tolerable level. I can't stress enough how important the sitz bah was, two cups of epson salts and a full bath with water as hot as I can stand it. Seems like hot water would cause inflammation, but for some reason it really helps.

I definitely have some questions after all of that. Why all of the pain from passing stool? It wasn't even particularly hard stool, so why the terrifying pain? Was it stitches ripping through internal tissue? The rectum stretching? What in the world would cause pain like that?

Why the unavoidable urge to push it out as hard as humanly possible? Isn't that what helps cause hemorrhoids in the first place?

And most importantly, will passing stool get "easier" next time? If not, I am going to have to insist on admission to a hospital with a morphine drip, 'cause I can't take that again ;)

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It will get easier next time, or at least with a little practice! Be sure that you're having fiber, of course, but don't have TOO much. A lot of people go overboard and end up dealing with massive bowel movements that can be very painful. I hope that goes well for you. I have enjoyed reading this series thus far. Keep us posted, okay? What inspired you to write this?


Just noticed a couple of images I posted were removed. Two of the images were screen shots of my own iphone, another image was a likeness of a shrike creature which I used to illustrate the pain of a BM, and the other two images where photos I took of a bidet I purchased that has helped me a great deal in my recovery. All images other than the shrike image are located on my own personal web server, which is publicly accessable. As far as I understand copyright law all were legal under fair use. The site policy states:

So, just out of curiosity, why were my image links removed? I certainly don't want to step on any toes, particularly when it appeared that I was adhering to the policy of the site...


Hi badpemguin,
Well, maybe some of our moderates must of thought that pictures were advertising something. I have noticed in past several days that some spammers are using pictures to advertise their products.
If your pictures don't advertise anything and are relevant with your health problem, then you are able to post them.



Perfectly understandable, I have run many forums over the years and done the endless battles with the spammers.

My pictures were of a bidet I ordered over the internet, which curiously, I have not seen posts about in these forums. I plan on never again using toilet tissue, which I am convinced is what caused the irritation that led to my last two thrombosed hemorrhoids. Of course I mentioned where I purchased it, the price, and the fact that it came with a free travel bidet also. I happened to spend hours on the telephone contacting local medical supply companies in my town, none of which carried bidets. In a desire to perhaps help other hemorrhoid suffers in the same predicament, I posted my experiences, along with the pictures. I did notice beforehand that there didn't seem to be a problem posting specific product information throughout these forums, such as brand names of medications, specific names of medical professionals, specific names of vendors, etc... So I didn't figure my posting a personal picture of something I purchased that is helpful to my recuperation would be a problem. And just to be clear, I have no financial interest in any way whatsoever in the product or company I posted about. Well, that's not completely true, I have found myself wondering if I could get my surgeon to prescribe it so perhaps my insurance could cover it, along with the cost of the plumber, but that is another story.

Another set of images was screen shots of a free iphone app that allows me to set alerts for multiple medications, which surprisingly enough, was extremely difficult to find. With over 100,000 apps in the apple app store, you would think finding an app that allowed you to schedule alerts to take medications on a schedule would be simple. It took me several hours to find one. I think it must be the medications I am on, combined with absolutely nothing to do other than try and find ways to not think about the extremely unpleasant experience of recovering from hemorrhoid surgery, but yes, I spent hours looking for an app ;-) Again, I thought I might help other surgery sufferers in this forum by sharing what I had found. Considering the fact that the medications I am on have an extreme effect on my ability to coherently experience time, the app was very helpful ;-) I am in no way financially compensated by whoever wrote the app, which is a free app, by the way. And no, I am also not compensated by any of the companies that might advertise via the app.

The other image was a lame attempt to express the pain of my first bowl movement, a picture of a creature from one of my favorite book series of all time. A creature that makes Freddy from nightmare on elm street look like a sissy ;-) I found the image via google and use of it is covered under the fair use provisions of international copyright law.

So consider my complaint registered. Seeing how moderation of links to images appears to be completely arbitrary and does not appear to take context into any consideration, it might be less confusing to posters such as myself to just remove the ability to post links at all. Or at least update your site policy to more accurately reflect what is acceptable when posting links to images.