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hello , 

I am so confused, I do not know what to do .. I think he loves me when he is normal but when he loose his temper he hits me or frightened me. He can hit me even in our small argument... he always insult me when our friends are around by saying she eats my mind every time, Do lots of shopping , I can not speak when she is talking etc etc , he made my image like I am most dominating wife on this earth and he is bearing all that quietly but the fact is when no one is around we fight a lot , he shout at me hit me but at the same time I feel that he loves me when he is normal 

I don’t know what alarm is this , Do you think I deserve this ? I am afraid of society , if I do police complaint then his carrier will be finished as we are expat in Netherlands... 

i have son of 10 months old but he does not think of him either n loose his temper then shout at me n hit me , even I get angry then but I never hit him ... I really need or courage to take some steps 

I hope someone will suggest me best option 




Time to move on to a better person you do not deserve this treatment.He has anger problems and does not know how to deal with it.He could escalate to do great bodily harm.