I totally understand your pain. My mom always used to yell at me and when I say that I mean scream right in my face using abusive words about my weight. Stating how fat I've become, how it's all my fault, how I don't care about my body and asking me if I think I'm attractive ? Asking if I think anyone will love me like that? She said "just look at yourself, you blew up like a balloon, where is your waist ? All I see is fat" I had a 5 hour mental breakdown that evening. It was always bad, but her words were extremely harsh that evening. It made no sense because I don't even know why she freaked out, nothing even occurred prior to her yelling, I didn't anticipate that at all. It took 6 months for me to get over what she said and try and feel comfortable in my own hody again. But every time I look at my body in the mirror I cry. I am very curvy, but my mom just calls it fat, she doesn't understand that I've always been wider and it's just the way my body goes. She associates it with being unatttactive instead of attractive. So yeah, the comments never stopped about my weight, but at least there wasn't any crazy screaming in my face ever since l