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hi health 


I genevieve fernandes from mumbai  

My Mom as cough since from 2 yaer and it start at after 12 in the night 

So give my some medicen 

We have done lot doctor  treatmant but no result they tell it is just normal cough 

But she has thyriod , cholester. dibetices 

Kindly tell some option 



It could be that she has postnasal drip caused by drainage from her sinuses.  Does she suffer from allergies?  Allergies can produce mucus in the sinus and then drain down that back of the throat, causing a dry, unproductive type cough.  Does she have this kind of cough or is it more wet with her producing much mucous and coughing it up?  If so, what color is it?  If it is clear, it should be fine.  She should treat it with Benedryl or any other over the counter antihistamine.  This should help dry up this constant irritation and her cough should clear up.