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My son is suffering from epilepsy (he is 19 now). Things got better in past two years (less and less seizures), but now I think he is hanging with guys that drink and smoke marihuana. This is not a good thing for him. His seizures are more frequent again and more serious, especially when he drinks alcohol. Doctors were planning getting him slowly off medications, but when think of his self destructive behavior, this is not possible.
Please, what am I to do?


Hey there,
Hmm... there is little you can do against his will.
Try talking to him. Or if there is someone in his life that he has great respect for (like an old friend , cousin... )..let him or her talk to him and talk him into some sense... That is the only cannot fasten him up...


Hi, I'm Ronald (PAXV)

I'll take some time to react to your question. I get series of Tonic Clonic attacks once every 2-3 months (normally 1 every 1.5 hrs from the start until sedated....) and also have partial (complex) seizures and in rare cases light absence and myoclonic attacks (= when problems with my medication/digestive system arise)

I'm a 33 yr old male from the Netherlands, I suffer from Frontal Lobe Epilepsy, and I am user of mariuhana. I will not say this is a good thing but it's an old and proven medication (abt. 5000 yrs now and this is NOT a typo),

I wrote down a list of personal and scientific opinions;

note also that most is retraceable. either throught your pharmacist/neurologist or else through other routes.


I'd like to mention a few things....

* Alcohol

ALCOHOL will be MORE dangerous than mariuhana!!

It will cause variations in the medicine levels and damage the liver, creating ''backups'' in the body and more load for the liver. In severe cases this can lead to liverfailure and in less cases also kidney problems.

ALCHOL in combination with several anti epileptic drugs is no more than pure TOXIN!!!

The alcohol WILLl destroy braincells when too long in the body and can worsten the type of epilepsy already present. PERMANENTLY.

* Mariuhana:

* What is it:

Hemp (lat.: Cannabis Sativa , provides marihuana (=the dried & cleaned flowers of the female hemp plant) a.k.a. pot, grass or weed.

Hashish is the resin of the plant, pressed and packed

If you use a lot of hashish and warm it & press it well you get hash-oil (= expensive and VERY illegal)

* What do cannabinoids do:

Cannabinoids are compounds not only found in marihuana, they function as regulators for the brain.... These are essential compounds regulating body temperature,

waterhousehold, memory functions, and generally speaking the activity of the brain....

* Overdose:

For an overdose on cannabis you'll need to consume (= eat) 1.5-3 KILOGRAMS (= 3-6,5 pounds) of marihuana in 1 day... and then you'll be in danger.

Overdosing by smoking isn't really possible, you'll probably go out (faint of low blood pressure) or suffocate on the amount of burning plants before dying of any toxic effects caused by the cannabis.

Hashish is more potent, Hash oil FAR MORE & is a hard drug, and will cause addiction problems when used as a normal drug, daily against epilepsy. (weed 4.5-28 % THC based on weigth, hashish (good quality) 12-65% THC... Hash oil 85.0 - 99.5% THC

* Working principle:

though cannabis has been used for almost 6000 yrs now by human race, and it's working principles are known, there haven't been much relevant studies regarding cannabis in the modern western world. Animal studies have shown there is improvement in the depth, duration and a lessening in the amount of damage caused by seizures.

The effects seem to be caused by the cannabis influencing the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain. Secondary effects are the muscle relexant functions to lower muscle aches after attacks, the increased appetite after attacks, the pain killing effects. THC isn't the only cannabinoid found in mariuhana smoke; the human race knows over 350 different kinds of cannabinoids. There are many indications there is more benifit from CBD (=Cannabidiol) than from THC for example. THC is said to be advantageous in some forms of epilepsy but to be a trigger as well, for CBD there is a more one-sided positive effect.

* Use:

About 2/3rd of epilepsy patients USING cannabis have noted benifits (e.g. less destructive attacks, less attacks, shorter attacks, less pain after attacks, and a faster recovering after attacks. People having epilepsy and smoking mariuhana are almost a double percentage compared to non epileptics is using cannabis...

* But the dangers further can be:

- the usual working time of a joint is about 1.5-4 hrs depending on strength... when finished you'll NEED another one. EACH 3-4 hrs after you started!!! this as this functions like most other medication and is coupled to the saturation levels in the blood...

- when under the inluence it works as a painkiller, muscle relaxant, anti epileptic agent, can cause the will to eat and works as a non-hallucinogenic drug.

- Driving is not very wise!

1st you are probably not insured because you're under the inluence of drugs,

2nd you are breaking the law,

3rd you'll pobably be slower from normal antiepileptic medication and any cannabis product will worsten this effect!!

- diazepam and comparable anti seizure drugs will be influenced and work better, longer and with a little more side effects

- some medication (e.g. diphantoine) works more effectively but only when under the influence (= an effect comparable to variable bloodlevels).

- The LAW... Most certain if you want to take it abroad! In some countries (e.g. in asia, middle east and south america's you can will be tried and get life sentences!

- The dangers of cannabis use are comparable of using coffee, except for the smoking part. Smoking a PURE joint will make a joint comparable to 5-10 cigarettes at once...

- In a lot of countries the only cannabis you find is bought on the street. The quality of this cannabis compared to medicinal grade is POOR or even dangerous. ( If mixed with other drugs use can be LIFE threatening for epilepsy patients... (this as a depressant isn't very dangerous but STIMULANTS and/or Hallucinogenics ARE! (e.g. cocaine, lsd, crack, xtc and so on.)

- PPL with a higher risk of psychosis should NEVER EVER use cannabis!!! (it can cause very severe disruption of the mind and can make ppl scizophrenic in severe cases...

This could mean a permanent confinement to a mental hospital if you have a bad episode)

LAST you can get medicinal cannabis in holland and we have a semi legal system enabling ppl to buy standard cannabis in LEGAL shops.

I hope this proves of use. If not I also hope he will have fewer problems, this as his dealing with the epilepsy could be the issue why this started.

The Netherlands lies in GMT +1 timezone. Sorry for any typo's, this as English is not my native language...


This post being 5 yrs old as it is now nolonger represents my exact feelings regarding epilepsy,

Iḿ 5 yrs older, now married, father of an 1,5yr old daughter, and while not epilepsy free, Iḿ medication free.
In the yrs I stopped smoking marihuana when I got married, I stopped smoking altogether when my daughter was ready to be born (I didn't smoke indoors anyways, but better a non smoking dad) and I moved from the city(center) I was living in at that time to another city in a suburb.

My life has become sober, without drugs, a beer once or twice a week, taking care of my daughter. I was found unfit for work several yrs before and as a consequence Iḿ doing the household while my wife has a full time job.

SInce I stopped with Mariuhana, I became more alert (not suprisingly) had the same amount of seizures in a much harsher fashion regarding pain and muscle aches after seizures, I had less problems recovering from memory loss after attacks and found myself to be more stable mentally. The series have faded away when I stopped smoking mariuhana (this probably due to the fact the levels of THC and CBD (2 major working compounds found in cannabis sativa l.) drop as you ae sleeping causing the same problems as stopping your medication without any lowering of amounts)
When I stopped smoking I found out I got less generalising seizures, less absences andd less partial complex seizures. (I suffer from light-sensitive generalising partial-complex seizures (in series at night) and some absences) The complex partial atacks only trigger at festivals or in disco's when Iḿ starting to get tired. Absences dropped in frequency according to my wife.


I'd like to say that in my life the cannabis had a part wich wasn't destructive in my visions as I was using it, I had some benifit from itś usage with some medication (with the valium and the diphantoine) . Nasty side effects are: an empty wallet, being moderatly productive, the friends and the social circle, the withdrawal is 97% mental and is therefore not to difficult and easily possible if you find a good reason to quit (like a wife or a child, a job or something else you'd want to keep for as long as possible)

After 5 yrs of not using it I'd say It has worked contraproductiive in retrospect as ppl viewed me as a stoner or drugaddict in some cases wich was very damaging to my social life but now Iḿ back up doing volountary work and trying to assist others. I do not thiink I'd be negative if someone askes if it can be used while having epilepsy but I certainly wouldn't push ppl to use it.

In the end I cme out good and mentally stronger for everyting I went through. I have been on the selfside of life, I've seen ppl in a lot of ways. And now I'm a Father...

No More Drugs, preferably no alcohol, sensible eating, work out sensibly (2-3times a week) (I never wrote it down but I was an (inter-)national athlete before I started smoking , I was training 14 times a week, It caused epilepsy in the first place due to a vey small broken bloodvessel in my head). So in my humble opinion I'd say nothing is good or bad as long as it isn't A) too much and B) harddrugs (like ALCOHOL and opiates,crack,amphetaines,MDMA or other c**p like it) and C) Stress.....

Iĺl read this through when I havee time, my Daughter is waking up and I got to make a sandwich for her. I wish you all lots of luck with your lives and hope you'll be seizure free once in the future. It's PARADISE... (even though I still have some attacks not being in the hospital crawling to the toilet every 2-3 months is paradise, yes it is!)

I hope this will help some ppl in the future...

I will keep following this thread and I wish you all the best of luck.

The Netherlands