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Hello everyone! It wasn't hard to find that forum and i glad i did. Seems like many people have exactly same injury.

I was wrestling with someone on a grass and somehow twisted my foot under his weight. I have about 3 broken bones and torn ligament in my foot. Doc said its Lisfranc injury. I will be operated next week. They will put 3 pins into my foot and then - cast for 3 months (3 months!!! worst news).

I'm about to start the fall semester in college, and these news are pretty sad for me. I had many plans to do before the studies but seems like it is not God's will :-).
I hope to get better sooner than that also because i like sports. Anyone think it is possible to get the cast off a bit sooner? Will i be able to walk without crutches with the pins inside or i will have to use the crutches all the time?
I know that the best answer i will get from the doctor, but im also inerested to hear your opinion.
Alex ,Iowa


Hello Alex!
I hope everything went well with your surgery. My advise to you is to listen to your doctor and leave the cast for as long as it takes. Broken bones will heal somehow, but torn ligament will never heal if you start using that leg too soon. I know that walking with crutches is awful and that 3 months seem like a jail sentence but try to hold on and deal with it, because otherwise you are risking to have one defective leg for the rest of your life. That means NO SPORT EVER AGAIN :'( !!! Think twice before you make a decision. I know some people who took off bandages or casts before they were supposed to and now their feet are not stabile and sometimes they feel they are going to fall down when they step on the injured foot. Please try to keep that cast for as long as your doctor tells you.
Best wishes,


One more thing. I've just found this site. You should take a look at it. It is about your injury. Hope it will help you.