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Hi my name is Robert I'm really worried because I don't feel like I have hit puberty yet. I am 5 10 tall me and my brother are the only tallest ones in my family. but I am scared because my voice hasn't changed yet and yes I am growing facial hair but not that much. but my penis size worries me because when flaccid its 2 in but when erected its 4 inches. my testicales  feel like they have dropped but when I masturbate my balls shrivel up and get very small. if anyone has advise please help me I have a girlfriend and am afraid to do any sexual activity with her.


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Hey Robert I know you are scared and frustrated but what your describing all seems normal. Everyone developed differently some grow tall first then get underArm hair others get pubic hair then their voice drops . It just depends on your body. First off how old are you and when did you first start puberty?  Your oenis size is most likely average for your age and when you get sexually sroused it is a normal response for your scrotum to shrivel or tighten up.