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Hello i am a 15 year old male and this morning I went to the bathroom and i saw that my urine was clear and was thick like maple syrup but was absolutely painless I will say this i was experimenting in my bed room to say things appropriately but was interrupted when my brother knocked on my door i stop with out finishing. I also think it would be important to say that i was over weight a couple of years ago but have slimmed down since then. And also yesterday i was helping out my grandmother and i don't think I drunk enough water for the majority of the time. But i will not leave out the fact that recently i have had more sugary drinks than I should would you mind helping


Hi Anonymous,

No, nothing is wrong with you.  since you were "experimenting" it was likely precum that you saw.  It is clear and thick, almost like mucous from your nose.

Don't worry.

If you had not been drinking enough water your urine would have been very dark in color.