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Hi there,

I am 33 years old, and a few months ago, I gave birth to my twins. After that, I didn’t gained a lot of pounds, but very soon, I started to use some hormonal pills and I gained a lot of pounds in just one month. I was depressed and sad, because I was not able to lose those pounds, no matter what I have tried. So, my husband decide to buy Maple Syrup for me. I know that this one is pretty good, a little bit expensive, but somebody told me that this one works.

Can you tell me, do you know how much weight can you lose by following Maple Syrup diet program?

Any information is helpful for me, because I am desperate. Help me! 


Hi, you can drink as many of Maple Syrup as you want. It won’t harm you at all, but yes, it is a little bit expensive. Now, weight loss on the maple syrup diet can vary depending on how long you will stay on this diet program. I don’t know did you know, but this diet program is very popular among the celebrities. Do you remember Beyonce from the movie “Dreamgirls”? She lost very, very quickly 20 pounds for her role. So, you can lose your pounds, but I don’t know exactly how much. I would say – a lot.

Have a nice day and good luck!



Hi, I agree with you. It depends on how long will you follow this diet program. My friend is following this diet for a long, long time, and she started to follow it when she saw a Beyonce’s role in that movie :) I told her that I would follow this program as well, if they would pay me that much lol :) I am joking of course.

The main point is to be persistent at this diet program, and to follow is as much as you can. That is the only way to see some progress..

One thing is sure – this diet program, this product can help you lose your weigh.

Have a nice day!