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Good day people,

My older sister Elissa is a passionate smoker. I think that she is smoking more than two boxes per day. She was depressed after her divorce, and she really was smoking too much, and of course, she was eating so much. When I saw her after one month, she was pretty messy. She looks horrible. I was talking with her, and I really want to help her. Now, she wants to lose her weight and go to the gym. She started follow some diet program, and she is in the gym, but she gets so tired when she is running – probably because of the nicotine in her body.

One of her friends told her to try Maple Syrup Diet, because it is good to detox your body and you can lose your weight at the same time.

Is this true?


Good day,

To be honest with you, I started to use this Maple Syrup when I found out that Beyonce is using this one as well. I know that in one period of her life she gained a lot of pounds, and after a few months, she was that old, good looking girl. It was a really hard to convince my mom to let me use this one, because I am still a teen girl. I am smoker as well, so I needed a way to detox my body. I am happy with it, I felt “clean”, and this is basically a low calorie diet plan. But, I believe that this one has that stupid effect – when you stop using this, you will gain your pounds back.

It happened to me as well.

Think about it!




First, please, don’t tell me that you are following some diet program just because some celebrity is following it? It is all about advertising, you know? Now, never mind.

I was using Maple Syrup a few years ago. The true is that you can lose your weight. It is also known as a lemon detox. I have to say that you need a lot of effort to see some results. It was so slow and kind of annoying, I have to be honest. I don’t know, maybe if somebody pays me a lot I would be more motivated :) lol.

If you want to lose your pounds quick, this is not an option.