The Illinois Department of Health is after a mystery insect that has been the cause of a rash outbreak in the Chicago area. A large number of people is left scratching their heads and other body parts but the insect is still impossible to identify because its bite can’t be felt until the symptoms start appearing.

The bites become visible when the red, swollen and itchy welts show up 10 to 16 hours after the bites take place. They remind of pimples and people may even try to squeeze them. This allergic reaction occurs from the mites’ saliva.

Health experts suspect on the Oakleaf Itch mite that has already caused similar effects a few years back in areas around Kansas and Nebraska in 2004. It is believed that the origins of the mite are from Central Europe but that mites travel on flying insects or drift on wind currents.

Health officials have announced that there is no risk of serious health problems but have still alarmed infected people. There is also no risk of infectious disease consequence from the bites and that it is not contagious. They recommended wearing long sleeves when outside, showering after being outside and washing your clothes. An antihistamine has been found to reduce the rashes while avoiding scratching will reduce infection incidence.

Authorities had no luck with finding the bug yet.