Lately I've been feeling pretty ill. It's not constantly bad, but it comes and goes in waves. Sometimes, I don't even notice it, but it might be because I'm in good company or preoccupied. Basically, it's a strange nauseous feeling, unlike what I'm used to feeling when I feel like I have to throw up. The pain is low in my stomach area and below that, in the intestinal region. I have had issues with a cyst on my ovary, but it doesn't feel like that kind of pain. I have been a little gassy, but I've tried several solutions for that and the pain is still there. I tried to go to the bathroom a little while ago, and I seemed a little constipated, but I was still able to go. Along with the pain I have this constant fatigue. I'm sleeping well over 8 hours a day because I'm napping frequently, in fact the other day I had nothing else to do and kept falling asleep accidentally. I must have taken 3 or 4 hour long naps that day. Today was no different. At times I cannot keep my eyes open.

This all started new year's day. The night before I did party, I recently turned 21 and decided I wanted to spend the night drinking with friends. I didn't drink a whole lot, as I'm the kind of person who generally doesn't like to drink much. I'll drink until I start to feel it, and then I'll slow down. The week before I had my period, so I'm not currently having those kinds of cramps. The night of new years eve, however, me and my boyfriend did have sex. I am on birth control (nuvaring) and because my period had just ended I had just put it in on new years eve. He didn't wear a condom but he did pull out in order to be a little extra careful. I would think pregnancy is very unlikely, especially since I just came off my period and I've been feeling these symptoms the same day. That night I did get very little sleep, because after drinking with friends, I ended up having to take care of the ones who maybe partied a little too hard. I know I was sitting in the bathroom with one of them for quite some time before finally crawling back to bed to sleep. I did come home that day and nap pretty heavily, and I had a pretty normal dinner that night. I haven't necessarily eaten anything strange or out of the ordinary, but I have been eating less since feeling this way, due to the nausea The only other strange event that happened that night/morning, was that when packing for my friend's house that night, I forgot to pack my contact lense solution. My friend suggested I try to put them in eye drops overnight and see if that works, but when I put them in the next morning they burned like crazy, and it was hard for me to get them back out. I ended up leaving them out and having someone drive me home to get a fresh pair. I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with my nausea or fatigue, considering it was my eyes and all, but you never know. I'm not sure if any of these events may have triggered these symptoms, which is why I tried to include as much detail as possible.

I talked with my boyfriend about this and he thinks it might be stress. I have recently lost my job, and he was recently laid off, and my worrying about our financial situation may have caused me to stress more than usual. The only other thing I have stressed about was thinking about new years eve when the two of us had sex. I was concerned that I might become pregnant, and while the slight thought still lingers in my head, I've reviewed the facts, and the chances are in the decimals considering women usually don't ovulate until a week or two into their cycle, I am using birth control even if I did just put it in that day, and he did pull out, so if any sperm did find it's way into my body, it couldn't have been a lot. Let me know If I'm wrong, though.

I do want to make a doctor's appointment if this persists, but it's actually difficult to get a timely appointment if I don't want to go to a walk in clinic. If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts as to what this might be, I would love to know. Thanks.