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I'm so confused as to whats wrong with fiance and I had sex Last was painful at one moment so we changed positions, so at the beginning of this week i felt like i was running a fever...i was sweating
I'm usually almost always cold and never really sweat at all...

so yesterday i started my period...barely ate at all...had a breakfast drink in the morning and almost immediately wanted to throw up...
went to work 10-2..came home went directly to bed no lunch...
(I've never been this sick on my period ever!)...slept 4hrs into the evening..

didn't want to eat dinner, all i could stomach was another breakfast drink...all the while still feeling stomach is killing me so much I'm not sure if its from me not eating or if something is making me want to throw up

today i feel worse
i had my breakfast drink, ate soup for lunch since it was the only thing i could stand to eat, still feeling so very sick to my stomach all day
and I'm worried if i got the swine flu or something like that lol I've never been pregnant so i wouldn't know if i was without a test...we always use I'm at my wits end..
came home from work tonight and tried to have some soup for dinner..and felt to bad i eventually threw up..still feeling like total c**p...I've heard of stranger things happening like women being pregnant even while having so confused!!!!
please help!


I've been experiencing the same thing. I've had 3 negative hpt's though but 4 months late. Good luck!


Me too. Please say you aren't pregnant. I'm lactating and I finished breastfeeding my now 12 month old several months ago just started again along with these symptoms you have!