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First im 16, my whole life ive never been attracted to guys but never had a problem with gay people i have had gay friends, i have been offered sexual favours by gay people and said no. Ive hadagf been heart broken over her she first girl I ever did stuff with (ha****b) i was so happy/excited, but i woke up a few days ago and asked am I gay randmomly now it is stuck in my head it is killing me mentally and i cannot cope, straight porn wont even turn me on anyone when i used to be able to masturbate over a pair of breasts, i find myself getting erected over shemale/gay porn and i feel it is so wrong i am nor religous or anything. I have read up on HCOD and im pretty sure i have it? never been attracted to guys before but my mind keeps saying 'your gay' or 'are u gay?' Idont know if puberty is messing around with me or not, I have fear of being gay/bi i wouldnt want to be that at all but past few days my brain just keeps on 24/7. Ive been told to stop going on porn because it messes with your head and people have said i just am getting bored of normal porn which is true i think. I really do not know what to do can someone help me please, do I have HCOD? need help please, sorry for the long stuff thanks(im not attracted ot guys at all)


Hey, i feel like you just have anxiety over things that don't matter. Hey you could be gay, you could be just going through a phase, you could be bisexual or you could just be curious because its something different. Really the only way to know what you are is to try. I tried having sex with a guy, because im in the same boat as you, and guess what i didnt like it. Sexuality is not as cut and dry as society says it is. Im still not entirely sure what i am sexually but right now im too young to know. I recommend researching the kinsely scale. Ill tell you this there is no one on this planet who is completely gay or completely straight, its just not possible. I've never had a relationship with a guy so idk if i would like it, maybe i would maybe i wouldn't, i can't know unless i try. Ik i've liked sex with women and liked relationships with women. It's ok to be curious and its ok to experiment. You could be a degree of bisexual like i think i am, but again i'll never be sure till im older. Don't be afraid to give it a try, because the less you worry the easier it will be for you to get off to women again, even if your still getting off to men. Just take life as it comes, because eventually you will find out what you really are. Which will most likely be bisexual.