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Hello, I'm 13 and I need to lose 80 pounds in 4-5 months. I'm disgusting and I really do need to lose weight. Next year I'm going into highschool and going into highschool at the weight I am would pretty much be the equivalent to suicide. Please don't say anything like "Just ignore them"!! or anything like that because it wouldn't matter how much I try it still gets to me. And I'm not just trying to lose weight so that other people like me more, i want to do it for me too. I'd have more confidence and be more healthy. Please help.


i used to try a product from the goji company, you knoiw the one that deals in network marketing (freelife) .  anyway they have a tiaslim it's to be taken directly as prescribed but i'm not sure of the age... remember also that you are trying to lose weight and not working on your self esteem.

diets work a lot better when you have support of the people around you.

you also need to do 30 minutes of exercise with a faster heart rate. this is daily ,, how hard can it be if you really want to lose more weight ?

you need to remember to drink more water and esp drink water with your meals.

when u have a meal you are best off eating the vegetables befor your meats.

this is because of how your body digests food and turns it into energy and other useful stuff.

meat takes a lot more to break down.

also eat fruit befor you start your lunch.

the 30 minutes after a meal is also important because laying down straight after a meal is how salastic acid builds up which also can account to reducing your weight  but not too badly, but every bit counts right?


also i'd like to add that even thou how others see you might not always be the nicest you still have people that like you for the person you are inside. i try to see everyone like that and it really is the better way to look at life.


sorry if i'm not that much help.. maybe others have a better suggestion.

anyone that reads your question might think that you need to like yourself for the person you are and if need be a change of positive attitude never killed anyone :)

god bless



DON'T ! Losing that much weight in such little time is so bad for your body and health! 80 pounds should take a year! Do what the other poster said , but don't rush it or you will gain more weight than lose! You have all this spring and all summer!


Commiting suicide isn't the way to go! :-| Just because people bring you down, doesn't mean you need to end it that way. You have a whole life in front of you! Why end it by never living it? It gets better I have heard after school! :-D Stay alive and IT WILL GET BETTER!




you can read some articles about weight loss 

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First of all- do it for yourself, and do it right. Slow and steady really does win the race. As Sbron said, drinking water is extremely important. Fiber, protein, and healthy fats are equally important, and if you have the right balance of the three, you can actually eat enough to be full while still boosting your metabolism.
I suggest taking probiotics so that you get more nutrition out of smaller servings of food. This will stop cravings.

A really easy trick to lose excess fat is going gluten-free. Gluten clogs up the digestive system and makes you more sleepy. I hate working out! And the most effective thing for me is walking every day for about half an hour- start small.
Best of luck and remember that being healthy is the only way you're ever going to lose weight AND Keep it off!