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Hello everybody, I'm a type 2 newby confused by target BG levels. Can someone help me with this? I believe that fasting sugar levels should be between 70 to 90 at least that is supposed to be normal. But, what about a diabetic. Do we have some leeway with this. I tend to have higher fasting sugar levels and I have high sugar levels after I exercise. Is that normal for a type 2? Depending on where you read, people say different things. I'm just looking for a middle of the road level so I can try to achieve that. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.



Hi, Fasting sugar levels can be high for some individuals particularly if you are not making much insulin or have insulin resistance. There are different medications for these issues that your doctor can put you on if you are having problems managing your sugar levels. Normal fasting levels do run from 70 to 90 in a person that doesn't have diabetes. This can be difficult for some type 2s to achieve consistently. Some people with type 2 also have high sugar levels after they exercise and for the same reasons. A lot of people find that if they eat smaller meals more often they can control their sugar levels much better. You might try eating every 3 hours if you can and measure your blood levels before and 2 hours after you eat. See if that provides for reasonable sugar levels. If your glucose levels are up around 135 to 145 after eating then you should be okay. Before you eat again, if you levels are around 110 to 125 that's not too bad. This is going to vary depending on the specific foods you eat. Making regular measurements will tell you what foods cause spikes and then you can avoid those foods and get better control. Everyone has to go threw these trial and tribulations at first but you'll get the hang of it.