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After years of having unimaginable problems with my bowel movements with nothing ever being diagnosed, I ended up in the ER last month and saw a GI doctor, had several tests done to finally get referred to colorectal surgeon who is telling me that the only option I have left now is for them to completely remove my colon. For the last five years I basically never had the urge to go, the only way I could empty my bowels was either enema or Dulcolax. I know that made things worse, but I was at the same time complaining to my doctor about this, all I got was more tests, and only one that’s been so far helpful is the latest one showing that I practically have no activity in any part of my colon. Still, completely removing it is terrifying me, I know people have done the procedure and live somewhat normally after it, but are there any alternative options I could try fist?


Hello, Guest.  I am sorry to hear about your issue with your colon.  If your colon is not doing anything to move your stool through, it must be removed.  I know this can be a scary thing for anyone to have to wear a colostomy bag and try to live as normally as possible.  Many people do live with it and can adjust to having it.  Just educate yourself on it as much as you can so that you can prepare yourself as much as you can.  This will make things much easier once you can accept it.  Are there others who have colostomy bag who would like to share their experience?