So I just had a baby in September and I'm in the methadone clinic. My doctor at the clinic has told me some women don't get their period on methadone and I thought cool! Because when I would start to bleed it would stop as soon as I took it or I'd spot And that lasted til about March of this year. Then I got a PAINFUL period that was so heavy I'd go thru a super plus tampon in 20 minutes! And it lasted 2 weeks and stopped. Then until April it was normal but once I got it the first time I got it 3 days later and now it is may 8th and I STILL Have it! I don't know why it won't stop! I do Have Endometriosis and I don't think it's something that has to do with that because I Have had endo for the last 6 years and it's never done this. I can't take birth control because it makes this happen where my period won't stop so I don't know what to do. Plz help??