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Ok I was a perk addict for 5 years due to a back injury. I was sick of chasing pills so I found a doc to put me on suboxon I loved it. Then he switched me to Subutex and I loved it more. Then I decided to go back to work even after being off for 2 years then the bad happened and my doc got shut down. Now I am out of pills ( Subutex). For the first time in 6 months. I loved these because they worked I never ran out or early in a month because they worked. So well. Well since I can't get into a doc for almost a month I am scared about WD"S loosing job ect. I have a "bottle of methadones". "I've had for awhile" I've never taken one. Here's my question should I take one tonight so I can work they are 10mg. How many should I take? I was on 18mg of subs. I won't WD if I take the dones right?? I just took my last sub at noon today 6 mins ago. When would be a safe time to take my first methadone and how much?


I would wait 24 hrs if possible, then take 10mg of methadone. It takes an hour to work so after 2hrs you will know if 10 is going to do it. Now, if it does, methadone lasts 24-36hrs so wait as long as you can then take another 10mg. This way you should be able to work,etc. until you get back on subs in a month or so, like u said.    Take care, keep in touch, k.  Rodney