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I am a diabetic patient and I would like to know what other diabetics use for their testing supplies?  I am looking at Onetouch Ultra Test Strips and meter.  Is this a good brand to use or do you recommend another brand to use?  I wanted to get a cheaper meter but I found the test strips are all expensive no matter which meter is used.  They all run around $80 which is outrageous!  If a person has to check their blood sugar level every day four times a day, that would be 120 strips a month and you only get 50 strips in a bottle.  That would add up to a little over 2 bottles. $240 a month.... oh my gosh.  I can't afford that.  The doctor wants me to check it 4 times a day but it ain't gonna happen.  I will just do it once a day and that bottle will carry me over into the next month.  So back to the brand names, are there any input about onetouch ultra?  Is this a reliable brand or should I get a different one?  Walgreens carries a smaller meter for $9.00 but I am not sure if it is accurate. 


Hello, Guest.  I tend to believe all the test strips on the market are good for home use.  You are right about the meters.  They can cost as little as $10 all the way up to more than $80, but you will have to pay the high price in testing strips regardless.  I think you can try out the OneTouch Ultra and give it a chance.  All meters are not going to be as accurate as having a lab draw, since so many things can alter the readings, but you will get pretty close.  Depending on the severity of your highs and lows would be the determining factor in how often you check your blood sugar.  You will check them frequently and document them so the dr can see how your sugars are running.  You will be able to cut back on how often you check them after that if you don't need insulin.  Has anyone tried the OneTouch Ultra meter?  How do you like it?