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hello im 24 years old and I have had really bad neck pain. It started when my son was born 9 months ago. I wake up every morning with the pain in my neck. I have a headache when i wake up but it seems to go away as the day goes on. Ive tryed sleeping on my back using differant pillows everything. It gets worse as the day goes on. I also get very sick to my stomch dizzy anxity and feels like lots of pressure in my head. Ive told my doc and he seems to think its just stress. So he gave me some buspar ive been taking to for about 4 weeks and it does nothing for the pain sickness nothing.... He didnt do any test to see whats going on or nothing. Im just very sick of feeling like this. Im close to quiting my job cause of the pain. Do you have any idea what my be causing this anything will help thanks so much




i hv the same problem and i hv asked my Doctor for MRI which i hv done and understood my spinal, etc,.. is okay and i am not worried any more, i mean i understood that it is just because of stress.

I have still pain on my neck vessels when wake up morning and it's getting better by coming up the day.


Kindest Rgds,