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:-( Im A 13 Year Old Boy And Really Need To Loose Some Wieght.

I went from the summer or grade 3 to grade 4 and gained somewhere around 50 pounds. I didnt change my rountines or anything.

Gaining all that weight made it harder to loose weight.

I am currently weight 220 pounds at 5'9.

Any Weight Loss Ideas?


Dear UnknowMale101, i also am over weight ever since i hit grade 1. I started to eat and eat cause i was depressed and i would fill myself till i felt full and comfortabel. But what i learned is to not abusive urself by eating to much food cause it dose not help. What i did was eat about 4-5 meals just in smaller portions so that im not constantly hungry and eat every 3 hours just as in a small snack like carrot sticks. You have your 3 main meals and just eat little snacks so by dinner ur not as hungry and dont eat as much this has been proven even by nutrisionists :-) try it and it will show good statuse within time its about how healthy u get not the time limit