I am a 53 yo woman with a hx of migraine, gerd, arthritis (both knees replaced last year), asthma and tachycardia. For the last year I have been experiencing pain under my ribs in the back on the left side that radiates to mid-sternum. I have had ultrasounds, much blood work, abdominal ultrasounds, CAT scan and bone scan and all the tests have been normal except for some arthritis of the spine in the thorasic region. I am taking a lot of tylenol and Ultram to function. I also do lots of stretching to keep me as loose as possible, all the things my doctor and PT tell me to do. Nothing has worked. I am still in constant pain especially at night. Yesterday the pain shifted to the other side. Now I have a similar pain on the right side that is especially bad when I take a deep breath. I sometimes feel short of breath because of the pain when breathing. How can all these tests be normal when I feel so bad. I'm not sure how long I can take this pain. It just keeps getting worse. What could be the cause? What step should I take next?
Thanks for your help