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Wow I can't believe we all have this and no one knows what it is.
I have had it for years. (33y F) Happens with beer ... but I don't drink much else.... more often if I am eating. Tonight... handful of potato chips and 4 or 5 sips.

I have a little tmj problem too. I drink a lot of water so I don't think it is dehydration. I will try the water rinse next time though... maybe will clear that salivary gland or whatever.

I will ask my doctor next time I go ... will update here if I get any answers... doesn't sound like there is much hope for us though.

Maybe we should ask Sanjay Gupta or something.

........... I bet if we all email him they'd be more likely to look into it .........

~ owwww my face hurts



Same deal with me. Just had it tonight - I believe from a cheap glass of red wine. Various alcohols set it off but it doesn't happen all of the time and quality spirits don't have the same effect.

I have noticed it happen to me before with pickled foods.

I believe the culprit is fermentation (alcohol) and certain impurities mixed in - maybe a certain level of sulfites with the alcohol. Sulfites alone don't cause this problem for me.

I will try the water fix to ease the pain in the future. But if you're a masochist, try eating something really sweet while you're experiencing the pain - that'll do you in!

My wife is a nurse and has ended up with the same results as me - this board. Perhaps it's our lot in life to suffer.. :-(


I know that the pain is radiating from the salivary gland under the ear.....I have Sjogren's, which is an autoimmune disease and my salivary glands are very sensitive. I have the pain if I drink or eat anything acidic or citrusy......Sjgoren's is like Lupus.....but I get the pain on one side and it doesn't always correlate with seems to me like it is more TMJ.....and it always is one sided. The other diseases brought like Lympohoma effect both sides at once......I also get the neck pain and it radiates into my arm and shoulder.....I have had this for years and haven't dropped dead from a heart attack or anything else. There are salivary glands under the ear and under the jaw.....



Those glands are your salivary glands.....and eating certain types of food can trigger well as TMJ. I have Sjogrens, which is an autoimmune disease and pain under my ear was one of my first symtpoms.....the glands run under the ear and under the jawbone. They can be blocked.....more water and drinking lemon water can open up and help......I sometimes think it is serious but have had this for over 10 yrs.....sometimes it goes completely away.....



I am so glad to find people who suffer with this like me! When it happen and I explain it to others, they tend to look at me like I am some kind of weirdo!!
I have suffered from this pain at the back of my jaw for a long time. I have always just put up with it as it tends to only happen after drinking beer (or fizzy alcohol) in the afternoon (which is rare for me and this pain as put me off having a drink in the afternoon as it is!). I did however experience it again tonight when I drank some cider just afte having a chinese takeaway and drinking a pint of water (so not sure of the dehydration theory?). I have known it happen when drinking coke aswell so I just figured it was something to do with the gas? Would be niceto find out exactly what causes it.
Anyway, good to know I am not alone!! ;-)


I have been dealing with this for 20 years (35y Male). My family has always known about it, and my father said he used to get it all the time when he was my age.

I see a lot of posts about drinking alcohol that sets it off, but I find my 'attacks' happen when I have something chewy or sweet and only when I have not eaten or drank anything for quite a while (when the saliva glands have not had to work in a while). My understanding of it over the years led me to believe it was caused by a very quick and strong contraction of the salivary glands, as once the initial pain subsides, the attack is over. If I bite into a grape and don't give myself the chance to ease into chewing it, the pain is bad enough to drop me to my knees. Within a few seconds it is gone. I manage it nowadays by knowing when it is going to happen and easing into my first few bites - that seems to take care of the upper end of the pain. Mild foods and liquids usually don't bring on any attack, so if I eat something mild first, there is no attack at all.

I have made mention to doctors, dentists, and the oral surgeon who removed my wisdom teeth over the years, and all of them looked at me like I had a third eye on my forehead.

Most people I am around find it more humorous than anything while I writhe in pain for 5 seconds after my first bite.


I have a very similar problem, but only when I drink fruity (sweet and sour mixer, margarita, etc.) alcoholic drinks. Never anything else. I have a hunch there is something in the citrus and alcohol that causes it. The feeling is much like needles and pins on my jaw just in front of my ear lobes. Not unlike getting a foot cramp, only in my face.

Again, hoping someone can shed some light!


I get this too. I thought it was because of my wisdom teeth, but they were removed almost a year ago and I still get this pain occasionally when I drink. I find I get it most often when I drink coolers (tonight was peach cider). I also has Chinese takeout tonight. I also used to think it was from drinking out of a bottle, but I will occasionally get if from drinking a glass of wine.


I've been getting this sharp pain for years, shooting thru my jaw and back toward my ears. Usually it's from red wine, which I just had a few minutes ago and, whew! Once in a while it happens with white wine. So tonite I finally went searching for the cause. This site doesn't have all the answers but at least I know it's-not-all-in-my-head, so to speak. I have fellow sufferers! Though sometimes it really hurts (tonite, for example), I can't imagine it will make me stop drinking wine :-)


I just got this pain tonight too...and come to think of it, I have experience before.

I'm a 22 year old female who seldom drinks. Usually drink beer, but tonight I had a strawberry wine cooler.

Have TMJ problems. Have had braces.

Have a bad habit of clenching my jaw.

Am currently suffering some sinus congestion.

Am not dehydrated in any severe fashion.

I wonder if pressure has anything to do with it. You know weather affects the barometric pressure which can cause sinus issues and in turn, cause jaw sensitivity. When we introduce certain alcohols with certain preservatives---sulfites--whatever...we are in the pain.

This is nuts! I like my cheap strawberry wine coolers! Ah well.


We need a way to tabulate all the symptoms and causes instead of reading through hundreds of posts...Sorry I didn't keep a tally to this point, so we'll just have to start fresh. I'm just counting myself as one in each category. Copy, past, edit, enhance as needed, and add to your post. I know

18 - 30
30 - 40 1
40 - 50
50 - 60
> 60

Type of Alcohol
Beer 0
Wine 1
Liquor 1

Other Ailments
Fibro 0


For me, this pain seems to happen when I mix alcohol and food. But particularly, drinking for a while, then eating something sweet (like skittles or chocolate).

I've monitored this for a while now and it really seems to be tied to mixing sweets and alcohol.


Am i the only one whose pain is not alcohol-related. I used to get it from time to time but have been getting it almost nightly recently. And I wasn't drinking at all.


After eating a blueberry this morning and writhing in pain for 5 seconds and then feeling fine, I thought I'd google the symptoms and I found this thread. I haven't noticed a problem with alcohol (except the fruity drinks). For me, it's all about fruit. I avoid oranges, grapes, blueberries, etc. So I looked further and found this site that you might find informative. I know I don't have the condition they're describing on the site, but there's an interesting reference to how the salivary glands normally react to food and, specifically, citrus. In a nutshell, folks like us might have thicker than average saliva and certain foods (such as citrus) trigger a stronger than usual saliva reaction and if your saliva is too thick, this can cause temporary swelling of the gland which is painful. OK, I don't know what I'm talking about, I just know my symptoms and read this site and I'm throwing a theory together. See for yourself:


I think that the link has merit.

Last night i had the pain for about 3 1/2 hours. Only not longer because i had strong pain killers to numb the pain. I was also eating / had a beer when pain came on. I have had it before, but never for longer than 5-10min.

After reading the link in the last post, i noticed that the pain was not in the muscle, but in the gland.

This led me to believe that it was the saliva glad. As the pain what as excrutiating as a bladder needing to releive, but in the jaw, in the Parotid Gland.

This led me to the following links:

Thank you DZnDef, i am going to get a Salaviry Scan to see if this is it!