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As stated by many, I thought I was the only one. I chalked it up to I'm normally not a relaxed person. I clench my jaw when I sleep. My shoulders are always tight - never relaxed - even during a massage. When I have a drink, I relax immensly. I though maybe my clench jaw was just having spasms after relaxing so much from the alcohol. And I just love tequilla. But lately, I have terrible chest pains after drinking alcohol. Had to cut that out.


I also suffer from pain occasionally when drinking. I think it may be narrowed down to tequila. Yesterday I had a raspbery margarita and the pain was awful. I do not have pain in the jaw like most of you. My pain occurs in the neck, arms and chest/stomach area. It's like a stiffening/cramping/throbing feeling. What seemed to help was lapse of time as well as drinking a glass of water. The pain seemed to last for 10-15 min. I have experienced this in the past but never payed much attention to it because it doesn't happen everytime I drink. I had three martinis in Feb and did not experience any discomfort, but I do recall the time prior to yesterday it was fruit margaritas that I was drinking. I thought maybe I was consuming the drink too quickly or didn't have enough food in my system.


Hi all,

Longtime reader, first time poster.

Asked my doctor about the problem - since I have it when I drink wine and other assorted spirits...the jaw-pain is a common reaction to a simple Tannin (sp?) allergy. The Tannin is a preservative, which doesn't always react well with people.

Otherwise known as "Stick to beer-itis."

Hope this was of help to some of you who are worrying. I, too, was glad to see that I was not alone, having told many people who had no Idea what I was talking about.


It is good to know that, there are many others experiencing the same problem ! I only have this when drinking certain types of alcohol ... its not very painful.. its more like an uncomfortable cramp in the back of the upper jaw to the ear area. I am no Doctor, but I feel sure its something to do with the Sugar level in the alcohol because, white wine is very bad and Smirnoff Ice theres no cramp at all.


I am experiencing jaw pain right now. I had a glass of white wine this afternoon - pinot grigio. Not all wines and beers cause this. Some other foods have caused this too - not just alcohol but I can't remember what they are right now.

If anyone knows what ingredients cause this I would like to know.


New poster here -- I thought I was the only one who had this problem! I am having the pain as I type this, having just drank an amaretto sour.

Here's my info so we can see if there's a pattern...

I'm 26 years old and female. The first time I got the pain after drinking was probably about 7 years ago, after drinking a margarita.

I don't get the pain everytime I drink. Last night, for instance, I drank a big glass of Lindemans Framboise (a very sweet raspberry lambic beer that tastes like a wine cooler) with no problem. I only drink occasionally -- I probably have only a few drinks per month.

I had braces when I was 12-14 years old and got my wisdom teeth removed just over a year ago (so this problem arose before I had them taken out).

I have pretty bad seasonal allergies and currently take prescription Flonase and OTC Claritin (used to take prescription Singulair until I switched to an insurance company that didn't cover it). I recently started using a neti pot.

I don't have any food allergies that I know of, although I do have an intolerance to green peppers (they give me stomach troubles). I tend to have a sensitive stomach in general.

Other than that, I have very good health.

The pain I get after drinking is only in my jaw/ear area -- I don't get it anywhere else. It feels like a stinging, shooting pain, and I always assumed it had something to do with my eustachian tubes since I tend to have allergies/sinus issues anyway.

Hope that info helps...


mine is EVERY time I eat pizza AND drink beer
so I don't do both XD at the same time that is!
and occasionally beer and some other foods , I can't recall exats at this time but I think it was cheese
just like blowing up a balloon that is hard to fill

aggravates the c**p outta me
been going on now for about 30 years 8-|

just curious as to what it is as well
luckily mine isn't as bad as some of yall
but still very painful :-( when it does happen


Hi, I have this same problem, I asked my doctor about it and he said it sounded like acid reflux and gave me some pills that seem to do the trick! I haven't been taking them regularly but when I do pop one I don't have the sensation for the rest of the day and usually the day following it. I guess I should start taking them everyday to be sure, the name escapes me but they come in blue plastic packaging and are a smooth, oval shaped tan-colored pill. The needle-like pain starts under my jaw (the squishy part inside the lower jaw bone, near your throat and glands) and continues up to my ears.

Like people said before, I don't get the problem every time I drink and it's rather rare. The problem started when I started drinking, and then other things started to cause it. Citrus, smoking weed, salty foods, anything would set it off. But the inconsistency of the reaction makes me think that it's not CAUSED by anything, and is just a sporadic pain.

Not soon after this started, I developed a bloated lymph node by my throat and hacked up yellow liquid, I'm not sure if it's related or not. That's fixed, though.


Happened for the first time. Was shocked when I saw one person with the same symptom even more shocked to see 50

1st Time ever happened
25 yrs old
Eating Little Cesaers Pizza and drinking Busch Ice (I'm not as trashy as that sounds)
Wisdom Teeth Removed 1 year ago
Drink occasionally
May be slightly dehydrated, drank alot of coffee today
Light Smoker
Pain right under ears on jaw like blowing up a balloon too hard
About 5% Native American
Lasted about 20 minutes


I've had this problem for over 8 years now, and it keeps on hapenning every now and then. Mostly when I have alcohol.
I remember I first had this problem when I was a good boy and didn't drink alcohol at all. It started on a hot summber day and I was walking on road. It was kinda surprising and strong pain.I drank about 1 litre of water after that and voila!! it was gone.. so that was kinda eye opener.

Now from that time on, it happens almost usually with any alcohol I have, mostly with extra dry beer. If you read, alcohol causes a lot of dehydration in body and that is one of the reasons its not recommended during flight and they recommend drink lots of water, simply because decompression of air inside plane causes dehydration.

Lets not get off the track, I firmly believe dehydration is the key to this problem. If you drink enough water (3-4 litres) a day, you would not face this problem. I generally dont drink much water during the day.

These were just my 0.02$


I've had the problem for close to a year now. It started with tequila and now its expanded to wine as well. I decided to google it though because I just had a lemon gatorade and it started though not as bad as alcohol. I'm getting kind of worried about it because I'm flying to Italy in two weeks for the summer, practically the worse place in the world not to be able to drink! :'(

22 years old
Had braces most of my teen years
Acid reflux, hormone problems
often dehydrated ( i live in Las vegas)
pain right under ears in waves, shooting for like 10 minutes
I have my wisdom teeth though they need to come out
No known native american heritage.


I am so glad I am not alone in this extremely painful phenomena. It started for me about 4 years ago drinking a bud light. The pain is excruciating, and is made even worse by the slightest movement. I have wondered about it for the longest time. I finally just came to the conclusion that I had a slight intolerance to alcohol. Now it isn't just beer. It is also wine : ( or rum : ( or vodka : (. I researched a bit about beer and wine and found that they contain sulfites. A lot of people are sensitive to them, but nowhere did I find them causing this painful symptom. I am getting an allergy test on the 5th of June because I have horrible hayfever as well, and I am going to ask the doctor about sulfite intolerance. Great advice about hydrating before drinking, I will keep that in mind next time I want a brew.

25 years old.
Pain on both sides of jaw/cheeks after almost all alcohol. Pain scale 7-8.
Drink about one a night.
Coffee drinker to the extreme.
Used to smoke.
Bad bad seasonal allergies.
Wisdom teeth gone after this started.
About 13% Native American.
Usually lasts 8-10 minutes, but it won't come back for the rest of the night. Weird huh?


Same symptoms Male/34 YO.

I have had my share of drinking most other beverages and the only ones which bother me are the lighter colored wines (mostly) and sometimes the other tequila drinks such as margaritas.

So for me it's:
Wine - Certain types very noticable pain
Some mixed drinks such as margaritas - some pain
I don't have the symptoms with most liquors and beer like others here.

Pretty strong pain in the jaw area below the ears. Also felt when swallowing. Goes away in about an hour.


My mom in law has an allergic reaction to MSG which causes pain in her jaw the exact same way I get pain in my jaw after I drink tequila. Since it's different spirits for different people, I'm guessing we all have similar, yet different, alcohol allergies?

A friend of mine is an MD, I can quiz him to see what he can find out. :-)


I'm having this problem right now, while drinking a glass of pink wine. This is an intermittent issue for me (maybe every few months), and I drink alcohol fairly often. I also drink this specific wine a lot, and I've never had problems from it before; i even had a couple glasses of it last night with no issues, though last night I drank it with pasta and tonight with salad. I can't tie the pain to any specific type of alcohol or food, because its too rare and I forget.
One thing I have noticed lately - I've had too many chewy foods in the last couple weeks and my jaw has been clicking when I eat, in the same area as the pain (though only on one side and the pain is on both).

25 yo female
drinking pink/rose wine with salad
possibly dehydrated - I drink lots of water but I live in the desert
sharp, shooting pain near the TMJ, lasting about 20 min so far
no allergy issues
wisdom teeth still presentCaucasian