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I'm a 64 yr. old female who has been diagnosed w/ osteoporosis by a gynecologist. I have been taking actenol for 2 yrs. Recenly I have been having pain in my coccydynia area. I had pain first in the area where the osteoporosis is located which is the left hip, pelvic and femer bone in left leg. Is this pain due to the above listed problems or is it cancer?


First, it is little strange to get diagnosed for osteoporosis from gynecologist. I don’t doubt his diagnosis but his area of expertise if more with reproductive par of the body. Never the less, you are experiencing pain in your bones. If you are having osteoporosis it is not strange to experience pain.  This really doesn’t mean that this is cancer related. You will need to do more test to know if this is cancer or not. Are you using any pain killers now? Did doctor prescribe you any medication for osteoporosis?

Sometimes this pain can be a side effect from the medication that you are using. If this is the case then you need to change your medication as soon as possible.