The title says it all. Every time I sleep a full night (usually 7-8 hours) I get a pain in a right low to mid abdomen. It almost feels as though someone has punched me and knocked the wind out of me. It doesn't happen if I just lay down for a few hours or when I get 5-6 hours when I used to have a full time job.

I've talked to several doctors, all of which have no clue what it could be. I do have sleep apnea but I use a CPAP and am losing weight to help combat that. People tell me to get a different mattress but it happens anywhere I sleep, not just in my bed.

I had this pain a few years back when I was off of work with a broken foot. That's when I first asked my family doctor and she had no idea what it was but didn't seem to concerned. My sleep doctor didn't seem too concerned either.

I just wish someone could tell me what it could be or someone else with this problem could shed some light on this for me. It's not a debilitating illness, since it goes away within an hour after I wake up, but it does worry me that maybe I might have some liver or kidney issues. I've been tested for issues with those 2 organs but everything came back negative.