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I didn't notice it until my fiance and I were making love a few nights ago. It was like he was hitting it and it was very painful. Kind of like a nerve or, I don't know.. something. I was wondering if it might have to do with another issue that I have been having for over a month. I have a pain in my tailbone and it hurts more when I have to use the bathroom ( #2). I did see a 2 doctors and they both said it was nothing which pisses me off bc I am the one who has to deal with it. I called the GYN and I am making an appt for both things to be checked out. Maybe it is related.

Anyone have any idea what I am taking about ?


Hi Marie: I had the EXACT same thing, since your anus and vagina are right next to each toher anything to do with either creates a problem in the other. What I would think - just going off my own issue of course - is that you probably have a dip in your anus kind of like this J - SORRY this is going to be graphic - but your feces get "trapped" in the dip and when you bare down to go for a #2 it hurts your tailbone. And that dip is bulging into your vaginal area - thus the feeling of something stopping penetration!

I also have a bony point on my tailbone, that just adds to all of this, but I'm pretty sure this is what's going on with yours. UNLESS you hurt all the time in your bottome, especially while sitting. Ask for a rectal exam :$ I know it's embrarrassing I KNOW, BUT when they can give you answers or even surgery to correct it then it will help you be at ease with it! I wish you look and health! Talk to the GYN about my theory, when he/she does an internal they can tell if thats the case too OK?