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I had a whopper done for chronic pancreatitis and 7 years later have started having pain. Every time I go to th r they tell me my enzyme levels are fine but I'm in pain. With the removal of part of my pancreas can this cause my enzymes not to spike high because I don't have all my pancreas. They never do a cat scan or anything other then blood work.


So maybe you have some other problem going on?  I would hope you don't but it could be a possibility.  The doctors should do a better assessment for your situation.  Have you had any other symptoms other than having pain?  If you need to, you can go to another physician to have him or her have a look at you.  Maybe a new doctor would offer a fresh perspective on your health issue and offer to do an MRI or CT scan.  If you do make it to the doctor and find out what is causing your pain, let me know.  I would like to hear of what the doctor has to say.