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I am not a doctor and do nor have any interest in the collodiad silver compamy!

My two index fingers have peeled to the third degree from large knuckle all the way across the tip of each nail tip. Dr's have diagnosed everything from the scaley mocus to fungus amongus ...have tried every thing from from the pharmacy to the veterinarian supply stores and nothing has even started to help.
Out of desperation, I tried wetting a length of gauze in liquid collodial silver and wrapping the gauze soaked fingers with cut of latex gloves fingers which i then taped to my fingers at the top. finger cots were too tight. i put them on at around 10:pm and took the off around 7:00am ( know your skin and use common sence about the time and loosly put the tape and gloce on finger) or use saran wrap so as to not cut off circulation.

i could see considerable improvement the next day..never keep your finger wet too long. I have been doing this for the past three nights and they are almost cleared up!. collodial silver is a good thing to have around for many reasons so google it and decide for your self. Hope that this helps you as much as it did for me! good luck!


Colloidal silver is new to me. I find your post very interesting.