have a copper IUD since oct 02 (5 years and half ago) and my country clinic say it's now expired; realized the string is longer than usual 2-3 weeks ago after unprotected sex with a new-old partner; the very next day, got mild cramps specific left pelvic (ovaria area); the following days (4-5) it extends to the right as well, now alternating or simultanuously cramping pretty much all day but not very painful; tend to constipation nowadays and nausea feeling; got treated for chlamydia (and gonorrhea) in India in dec 2007 (never got properly tested, just got medecine for both - sympt: yellowish discharge); the present new-old partner is the one that MAY be responsible for the India incident, he's never been tested; pregnancy test negative.
I travel in Asia since august 07 until now on a island. Should I be so worry to go as quick as possible for a exam in a foreign clinic in the capital?