Hello, firstly, let me say, thanks for reading this.  I had this horrible feeling of helplessness and desparation.I had flem, oral thrush for years and from October a feeling of lump in my throat. I also noticed they one of my lingual tonsils is very protruding. My dentist sent me to Oral surgery consultant, they did camera trough my nose to see my throat and said nothing to worry. Also gave me antibiotics for oral thrush without even testing what I had. Then they did a camera second time and just discharged me with nothing.I nearly went mad of trying to live day after day with it, I sometimes felt like I can.t cope any more.Finally, I went to the GP determined to insist another specialist, and was planning to say so much, but I was so stressed and desperate for help that I started crying! Embarrassing. Then, the gp gave me the best advise ever:

1. Stop clearing your throat, that makes ot so much worse

2. To use saline spray in your nose 2-5 times a day, do not sniffle it in though

3. Apparently sometimes, when u r stressed, the swallowing parts tighten in your throat, and that makes the feeling of something there, and that causes production of extra flem. So you can even be prescribed lowest dose of antidepressant to use as relaxant of the muscle itself

4. Moisturise the air in your bedroom

5. Drink plenty of water

6. Face your fears. Determine what u r really afraid of. I said I have choked in my sleep a few times because of so much flem, and he answered that he guaranteed me I won't choke on that.

So there you go. I still have my symptoms one month later, but definitely milder and a lot more bearable. My next step will be to find a local support group for people suffering from Globus Sensation and I hope I will find one. It will be helpful to talk to someone else that has the same as you, and not to feel like crazy all the time!I hope u feel better soon, and I hope we all manage to get rid of our health problems and get some help and advice.

best wishes to all