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I got this forum while searching for Phimosis.

My son (now 7 years), was diagnosed with Phimosis and he went under surgery before 2 years from now.

Now after 2 years, though he can urinate properly but I can see that his Penis is almost of same size and does not becomes big.

Is there any problem or that is natural?  

The foreskin around his penis is retracted back and looks like it is locked with some thread, though it was suppose to dissolve as per the surgeon.

I am quite worried. Please advise what to do.



Hi Ethan,

I'd suggest you see a urologist as his foreskin needs to be examined.

There is nothing wrong with the size of his penis.  When he enters puberty it will grow.  He will also begin have more frequent erections.  I'm not sure what you mean the foreskin is "locked."  I think you mean that the foreskin has been stitched back behind the head.

Hope it helps.


I agree, but when we are talking about phimosis treatment after the surgery, a lot of patients doesn't follow the doctors' instructions. It is more than taking antibiotics and stay still in your bed. For example, your kid should be really rested after the surgery, he needs to get a plenty of sleep. Also, it is not all about lying in the bed - he needs to take some activities, like walking every day. Sure, that means slow walks, but he needs to be active. Bicycle, running or something similar is forbidden. Also, he has to eat healthier than usual and he needs to drink a lot of fluids. If he is in pain, you should not give him all the painkillers that you have in your home. My kid had the same problem and he was recovered because we were following all the instructions.