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if i'm doing masturbation, after some hours, there is pimple coming on my face. what do i do? tell me please.


Not a doctor here.

The pimple on your face is a function of a cloged pore.
The oils and bacteria on your face have started a minor infection, and that's what's known as a pimple.
You need to wash your face more regularly with soap and water, removing the excess oil.

Now, the fact that you masturbate does not have anything to do with the fact that a pimple has decided to erupt today. Except that your increased heart rate, sweating and general perspiration may contribute to this clogging of the pore.

However, the hormones that are surging through your body are producing an excess of oils and THAT can cause not only feelings of sexual urgency, but also the back-up of oils that have not be cleaned off your face.

In short, don't worry about the masturbation. Just make sure that you are washing ALL parts of your body regularly, and pay expecial attention to your face, on the oily surfaces. (It might also be a good idea to take a shower after masturbating, just to cool you off and to freshen up.)