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Hello every one this is tom. i have been suffering from globanair acne since last six years still i have acne on my face.i have been mastrubating from the last six years i mastrubate  twice a well so i think my body takes the effect of mastrubation to pimples. because the heat generated during mastrubation leads to increase the body temp erature which  causes pimples. can any one suggest me how to stop that .

plzzz help me  friends!!!!!



Hmmm your wrong actually well maybe not but anywho masturbating has around my school for a long time but nobody has pimples and besides pimples are caused by extra...ah...umm....oil(?)....yea oil in your skin that ended up stacking and hardened forming the pimple so don't pop it or more oil will spread causing more and dont masturbate too much and don't scrub soap on your face too much or else it'll pop more pimples and the oil will spread.Sorry if my info dosent work :(