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Hey All,

I have about 30 or so very small pimples on both of my thigh's, sometimes they spread to my knees and shins, they occasionally frow a head and can pop, but the skin is very sensitive. Some dont grow a head and they mainly stay under a hair, i dont shave my legs they r rather bushy, and they aren't ingrown hairs. The liquid inside is usually sticky, after they have been popped they barely bleed, if any. I have tried several different soaps and washing powder, i barely sweat down there, and most places my clothes dont really touch so i doubt if it is friction of any kind.

I haven't been to see a doctor yet, maybe I should, I have had these for years and they are starting to bug me. When you touch them some feel like someone is jabbing u with a needle, quite painful, but that's only on some.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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When i was little i had very fat legs at the top (still do)I had to wear skirts for school it was the uniform. I used to get small pimples an they were very sore an itchy. Now i nearly always wear trousers an i never get them. I think it was the sweating an my legs rubbing together that caused them.
Can you relate to that at all.
Its called chaffing.