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I had a one night thing with a girl of unknown hiv status (met her in a club i am 21 she is 25).( I have hpv but I am not seeing any signs of warts on my penis.) I had unprotected sex with this girl for like 7 seconds and than I stopped. What is my chance of getting infected with hiv if the girl was infected. I am on my 25th day so far after haveing sex with her so my window is still open and is making me so stressed that I almost sometimes come to the point I puke what I eat. I have lost a lot of weight because of just thinking of the risks and have done every single search about hiv on the web to learn more.
I got tested a 3 week ago which came out negative but I am still at the very beggining of my window.

How easy hiv transmitted from females to males?
What is my risk of getting infetced? What is the risk of me getting infected because we both did oral sex to each other???
Also I fingered her which I feel really scared because sometimes I have small cuts on my cuticles. How fresh should a cut be to be able to take hiv into your blood system.

How accuaret are the test?? I am taking the oraquick one is the window really 90 days???? I am planning to take dna pcr what do u think about it?????

by the way I have had menegitis years ago and I know what lymph nodes are like. I am touching my neck and finding some nodes that I always think they are because of hiv. Do u think that lypmh nodes could get bigger as you are playing with them??? Moreover do lymph nodes go away??? Woudl it be possible that the nodes that I find are my old ones????

Please tell me what your intuition says.

My (hypothetical) exposure was short but still I feel like I will have that bad luck....

Thanks a lot again

Please tell me what you think I am very very scared and would respect your honest opinion.


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I think you should relax. You had a test, it showed negative. Give it a break, then perform another one to be on the safe side.
An infection with hiv through oral sex is possible but the risks are very small.

You should leave your lymph nodes alone! Continually touching the enlarged node will make them stay enlarged forever and in that way you won’t be able to detect other problems.

You said that you puke because you are thinking of the possible risks. The risk is over now. Relax, go back to your normal activities. There isn’t much you can do now. Next time think of the risks before the entire thing!!!!
Why did you have unprotected sex with this girl if you have HPV?