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My age is 15 years, i am a boy...having faced a lot of embarasement, i want to know that how can i decrease my chest (which has developed a breast tissue) to a normal chest......i dont want to go thru any surgery.....still, tell me all possible ways, (natural ways also). My chest is just like a women breast...i want to decrease it...i also do height is 5.5" and my weight is around 60 kg....



A slight enlargement is common and usually disappears in a few years. If it is anything more than that then you need to start off with a visit to your doctor. If you do have gynecomastia treatment is available. It may be a hormone imbalance, tests are needed.

Don't worry about surgery yet. Get a physical exam first and tell the doctor EXACTLY what your concerns are. They will help you.

Hope this helps. Post back if you have more questions.