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So one week ago i took a clear blue test within the time frame it had the 2nd line meaning pregnant i was so so so excited! i am currently waiting for a blood test at the end of this week to confirm! but i am going nuts waiting! so i went and got 3 first response test. to my suprise when i used 1st morning urine it came up negitive... so i tried another one... and the 2nd first response i tried came up with a 2nd line! so confused!!!!... guess i will have to wait for blood test!.

I have skipped my period and i am on my 4th week without having my period...

it is so interesting haha :).

So 2 positives our of 1 negitive....

I just want to know if you guys think am i pregnant? 


Hi Wana,

Yes I think you're pregnant.  False positives are very rare.

There are a number of reasons for the First Response test not reading pregnant.  Each test is looking for a specific hormone (hCG).  If it's there, you're pregnant.  Some tests are more sensitive than the other.

Good luck. Please let us know the results of the blood test.



Thanks medic-dan

i have a serious feeling i am...

just have to do the waiting game haha :).

I will let everyone know how the blood test went :).