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I got scabies about 4 months ago and used the creams twice, one week apart. I even used it a third time about 2 weeks after that. Everything cleared up and was good! About a week ago, 3 months after I have been cured i have started to get the rash again. This is found on my thighs and sides of my torso. I feel this is growing and gets ithcier in the evening but the first bumps that appeared have slowly gone down and some have gone completely (a few). Not to sure wether I have been reinfected or have post scabies syndrome. Please help!


Hey. Your case is pretty much the same as mine. Except for the fact that mine is the 3rd time it happens and the interval between the 2nd and 3rd infections was 5 months.. Symptoms and treatment were the same.Can you tell me what happen to you? I hope it all turned out ok.Cheers.AB